2 abducted by Syrian Troops

Who: Ahmad Qassem Abu an-Nasr Hamza and Ali Ghazwan al-Ashaal

Date: November 22, 2011
Location: Khodor, Beqaa, Lebanon
Category: Kidnapping
Reported by: Future News.
According to News TV, 2 men,  Abu an-Nasr Hamza and Ali Ghazwan al-Ashaal, were abducted by Syrian Troops, after they crossed the border.

Casualty of Syrian Landmines in Lebanon

Victim: Ayman al-Owaishi

Category: Casualty

Date: November 11, 2011

Location: Amayra, Wadi Khaled, North Lebanon


Owaishi, 24, was wounded when he stepped on a landmine planted in the border town of Amayra in the Wadi Khaled region of north Lebanon, a security source said.




One killed by Syria Army, in Beqaa

Category: One killed

Who: Ali al-Khatib

Date: October 6 2011

Location: Arsal, Beqaa, Lebanon

BEIRUT: A Syrian farmer died from a gunshot wound after the Syrian Army fired into the Bekaa village of Arsal Thursday afternoon, a high ranking security source told The Daily Star.

After the incident, the Syrian Army unit which had crossed into Lebanon withdrew into Syrian territory without offering any explanation. The Syrian army did not initiate contact with Lebanese authorities.



The Daily Star: Syrian army fatally shoots man in lebanese territory.

October 7, 2011



Shibli al-Ayssami kidnapped

Who: Shibli al-Ayssami / Shebli Al-Aysami

Category: disappeared / kidnapped

Date: May 24 2011

Location: Aley, Lebanon

Reported by: The Syrian Council for Human Rights on May 26th 2011

Shibli Alayssami, 87, a prominent Syrian politician, retired from all political activities since 1992, went missing amid “mysterious circumstances,” from the town of Aley , Lebanon. He disappeared after he left his daughter’s house, at 4.30, for a walk.

He’s believed to be held in Syria.


Ya Libnan, June 15 2011, No word on whereabouts of missing Syrian opposition leader

Now Lebanon, August 16 2011, Where is Shibli al-Ayssami?

Syrian Emergency Task Force, July 21 2011, SYRIAN REGIME’S LIMITLESS CRUELTY USING 80 YEAR OLD grand father


States Time, October 16 2011: Syrian embassy slammed over kidnappings in Lebanon


4 brothers abducted in Lebanon

Date: February 25, 2011

Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Jassem Merii al-Jassem аnԁ hіѕ three brothers – Chedid, Ahmad аnԁ Ali – wеrе reportedly abducted іn Lebanon.
What: the Jassem brothersm plus other people were arrested, in the Beqaa, when they have been seen distributing leaflets.
They disappeared when they were they way back from a police station, east of Beirut.


L’Orient-Le Jour, March 11, 2011,  Disparition de 3 opposants syriens a Beyrouth.



October 19, 2011 - According to An-Nahar Newspaper, “the family of the Syrian Al-Jassem brothers [who were abducted in Lebanon] dropped the lawsuit that they had filed for the abduction, and said that their sons are present in Syria.” Cf. article.

November 13, 2011 – According to the Lebanese Institute for Democracy and Human Rights, Jassem Merii al-Jassem, one of the four Syrian brothers kidnapped in Lebanon, has died in a Syrian prison (reported by MTV). Cf. article in NowLebanon and in naharnet.con.

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